Forms (Secondary)

Exemptions from Synchronous Learning

The Ministry of Education has directed school boards to develop policies and procedures that allow for exemptions from synchronous learning.  Exemption requests will fall under one of the following categories:
  • Medical reasons, including sensory, vision, and other visible and invisible disabilities that impede the ability to engage in synchronous learning
  • Developmental reasons, including cognitive conditions and other special education needs that may be accommodated through other strategies
  • Other Human Rights Code-based reasons, including mental health, trauma, religion/creed, family status, etc.

Students may be exempted from the video-conferencing requirements for synchronous learning, on an individual basis, by completing the Request for Exemption from Synchronous Learning Form
To support meaningful access to education, alternative learning approaches will be put in place for all exempted students. Exempted students will be provided with a daily schedule or timetable in accordance with 300-minutes per course per day. AMDSB will assess whether there are students who need access to a device or the internet and take steps to distribute school resources to ensure students can stay connected, wherever possible, to learning.

Switching to In Person Learning

If a student is interested in returning to in person learning, the change will be considered at the end of the Semester. 
Please contact the AMRLS Principal for further information.