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The Ministry is providing increased flexibility in how all secondary students can earn hours in 2020 - 21:
Change in Rules:
  1. Students can now earn hours for helping out during the school day (but not missing school) and for duties normally performed in the home (eg., walking a younger child to and from school, helping younger siblings with school work).  Submit these hours using the Community-Hours1 form
  2. Students aged 14 years and older can count up to maximum of 10 hours from paid employment towards their earned hours.  In order to claim these paid employment hours, please complete and submit the CIH &  reflection 2020 21 - request to add paid employment form.  

The Summer Employment Opportunities (SEO) Program provides up to 5,000 students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through supervised summer employment in the OPS. To be eligible to participate in the program, students must be currently enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution, be at least 15 years old, be living in Ontario during the summer and be legally entitled to work in Canada.

Positions for the summer of 2021 will be posted on February 25, 2021 with different closing dates between March 10 and June 1, 2021. The 2021 employment period for students is from May to September. To participate, students must apply online at

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the OPS will be monitoring what program adaptations may be necessary for the summer of 2021. We continue to remain flexible in our approach. To the extent possible, proposed changes will be communicated prior to the screening and hiring of students.

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February to June is the peak scholarship period for grade 12 students. This is the time of year when the most amount of scholarships are available to students. Peak season coupled with the fact that some students who were actively looking for scholarships in Oct & Nov have dropped off, make this a great time for students to find and apply for scholarships.

Scholar tree is continually adding new scholarships every week. Last week they added a scholarship for  hearing impaired students.  Click here for details. .