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Western University is proud to be one of the 20 participating university partners of one of the largest and most prestigious scholarship programs, the Schulich Leader Scholarship program.

With this partnership, Western is in support of students pursuing their dreams to become the next global pioneers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic excellence and leadership, charisma and creativity.  Strong consideration will be given to students with financial need.

Applicants should be entrepreneurial minded, and intend to pursue a career in one or more of the following areas:  Technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and business enterprise, applied scientific research.

Each year, Western will select students to receive a Schulich Leader Scholarship:

$100,000 to a student pursuing an Engineering degree
$80,000 to a student pursuing a Science, Technology or Mathematics degree
For more information on the Schulich Leader Scholarships:

ScholarTree is back for another year of helping graduating students find scholarships. During these continued uncertain times I want to say thank you for your dedication to your students and their pursuits of education in these unprecedented times.
At ScholarTree, we are committed to continually improving how students find scholarships and increasing the number of scholarships available to students studying in Canada.
A handful of the larger scholarships are available right at the start of the school year, so we encourage students to start applying right away.
Here are a couple of significant scholarships that are available now:

And blogs of how students have won these scholarships in the past:
The 6 Most Common Mistakes When Applying to Scholarships
How to Win the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership
How to WIN the Loran Scholarship
The Ministry is providing increased flexibility in how all secondary students can earn hours in 2020 - 21:
Change in Rules:
  1. Students can now earn hours for helping out during the school day (but not missing school) and for duties normally performed in the home (eg., walking a younger child to and from school, helping younger siblings with school work).  Submit these hours using the Community-Hours1 form
  2. Students aged 14 years and older can count up to maximum of 10 hours from paid employment towards their earned hours.  In order to claim these paid employment hours, please complete and submit the CIH &  reflection 2020 21 - request to add paid employment form.